Lina (Lead vocals) Not just a pretty face, she can rip into a Guns n' Roses song, then amaze you with a raving rendition of Rigaletto by Verdi. When she puts the pedal to the metal, hang on, because she's going to take you for the ride of your life. She'll chew you up and spit you out........ and you will love every minute of it! 

  Rave (Lead Guitar / Vocals) Watch out for this guy. When he’s in the zone the room starts to shake. Just don’t try to count how many fingers he has on his left hand. Shred is not a term only used when referring to cheese. He can whip out a D-sus chord quicker than you can down a shot of Matcha tea.

  Ken  (Bass guitar / Vocals) Complete and utter mayhem. He can hold a drink in one hand, play a riff on his bass with the other, pickup a piece of gum off the floor and change channels on the TV all at the same time. Like a moth drawn to the flame, the party is always swirling around him. Watch his hair grow inch by inch after every song. You have to see it to believe it.

 Filthy Phil (Keyboard / Guitar / Vocal) Many call him the handy man because he can cover every instrument including the Australian Didgeridoo. He single handedly put an end to the Boston Pops' bar gigs. He’s a one man wrecking crew.  Others like Chi Chi Rodriguez, Tom Landry and Slash may don a lid but no one rocks a fedora like Filthy.

  Chef (Drums and Cymbals) He attacks the drums with all the grace of a bull in china shop. Some may ask “when did Chachi learn how to play drums”? He hits like George Foreman, he cooks on a George Foreman grill and he can play paradiddles while wearing oven mitts. I would like to see Tommy Lee try that !!!

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