Welcome to the Wild World that is Brass Knuckle Barbie

Welcome to the Wild World that is Brass Knuckle Barbie

It's time to put on the knuckles, have a drink, dance, have a drink, sing, have a drink and party with Brass Knuckle Barbie!

Check out our up coming show schedule and photo's of our Brass Knuckle Bombshells.

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BKB Wild Weekend

Friday night began at Nikki's in Little Ferry. Great people, fabulous staff and atmoshere. Special thanks to Joey who rocked the house. The party kept going into Saturday night at the Crowsnest in Hackensack. The usual suspects and new friends partied with Brass Knuckle Barbie into Sunday morning. Nobody throws a party like Brass Knuckle Barbie.

Halloween Party at the Liberty Tavern

Dress up and shake your Ghoulie at the Liberty Tavern October 28th.

Happy Halloween from Brass Knuckle Barbie.

We're Back........................

Welcome back Brass Knuckle Barbie October 17th at Joey McBrides Pub in Woodland Park and don't miss the Greatest Halloween Party ever on October 31st at the Liberty Tavern in Union. Nobody throws a party like Brass Knuckle Barbie

You too can sing like a Pirate

Brass Knuckle Barbie debut at the Boathouse Pub in Belleville, NJ turns into a post Halloween Party to remember !!

Pirates, Raggedy Ann, Ghouls and Goblins danced the night away. BKB brought back the Time Warp and all hell broke loose. The Boathouse Pub knows how to have a good time.

Stay tuned for upcoming Brass Knuckle Barbie dates.............


Cinderella rocks the drums after midnight

Cinderella sat in with Brass Knuckle Barbie at the Liberty Tavern.

Bitch lost her slipper but never missed a beat. Never turned into a pumpkin either…..hey maybe it was Bridget Bardot. Whoever it was, nice double paradiddle during Bad Romance.

Happy Halloween from Brass Knuckle Barbie !!

Feathers were a flying at the Recovery Room

Strange things happen when you bust out a dozen feather boas amongst friends.

Brass Knuckle Barbie channeled their inner peacock and everyone joined the party. Feathers were flying and the Recovery Room turned into instant Mardi Gras, Brass Knuckle Barbie style. You could hear the chant, “show me your ……….” for at least 3 blocks away.

Those northerners really know how party.

Don’t miss Brass Knuckle Barbie’s return to the Recovery Room on December 20th.

Train kept a rollin’ at KC’s Korner

How does a Brass Knuckle Barbie follow up a Friday night Beer fest…………stay awake until Sunday? The shots and feathers were flying at KC’s. To say the train came off the rails would be an understatement.

In the end, Ken lost an eye, Rave lost a guitar pick, Chef tossed a cymbal at Ken (that’s when his eye fell out) Filthy and Lina called for another round. No one remembers what happened after that.

KC’s we love you,



Brass Knuckle Barbie kicked off the weekend at Nik’s Wunderbar in Whitehouse.

35 taps, pretty Beer Girls and all the debauchery you would expect at a Brass Knuckle Barbie show.

This place rocks!

BKB captures Crow’s Nest without a shot fired

BKB, Blackbeard, Captain Morgan and the locals partied and pillaged like a bunch of crazed Pirates. We buried our treasure and plan to come back to continue the party at the Crow’s Nest.  Captain you owe us……………………………….

You just can’t kill Brass Knuckle Barbie

The drinks were flowing Friday night at the Emerson Hotel. Then came the after party which led the Barbies to the OCI on Saturday night. It was a non-stop 48 hour party. Can Brass Knuckle Barbie survive another weekend?

BKB raises $1,000,000 for Clifton Animal Shelter

Not really a million dollars but enough to make it feel like Christmas in July.

A great time was had by all. So much so, we heard the naughty list got a little bit longer.

Brass Knuckle Barbie would like thank Shelter Love Events, Clifton Animal Shelter, Kris Kringle and the staff at Just Jakes for supporting a great cause.

Happy Holidays from Brass Knuckle Barbie.

Elizabeth Schrum-Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund Raiser a Great Success

Brass Knuckle Barbie rocked the house in honor of Elizabeth Schrum Cook. This event is near and dear to the Brass Knuckle Barbie family and we are humbled to celebrate such a special evening in supporting families with tuition assistance for the kids of St. Matthias School.  

Brass Knuckle Barbie would like to send a special shout out to this year’s honoree Jeff Hentz for a job well done.  

Brass Knuckle Barbie in New York City

Brass Knuckle Barbie would like to thank the following people from this past Sunday’s 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk Family Day: 


The families and friends who participated, Jim Kerr from the Rock n’ Roll Morning Show, Cindy Vero from KTU Mornings with Cubby and Cindy, Rachel, Lauren and Hector from LeadDog Marketing Group , Mike Olear and crew from Kennedy Event Services, Dennis from GFY Storage, Rob Klein / Photographer, Edward Salzano / Pseudo Entertainment and a special thanks to New York City Police and Security for making the 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk & Family Day with Brass Knuckle Barbie a great success!!

Photos by Rob Klein

Brass Knuckle Barbie chosen to perform at the 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk & Family Day

It is an honor for us to be chosen to perform for the 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk & Family Day.

We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to bring a little joy to the families and friends of those who are coming out to honor and remember their loved ones.

Come out on April 27th, and help us honor those we lost on 9/11.

With love, Brass Knuckle Barbie


For details visit http://www.911memorial.org/5k-runwalk-family-day

Lights, Camera, Action. BGD Productions presents Brass Knuckle Barbie on film.

BKB is holed up in the studio laying down tracks for their upcoming video shoot.

Here’s your chance to come up with a title for the soon to be released, 4 song block video.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/BrassKnuckleBarbieBand and send us your suggestion for a title.


Stay tuned for Brass Knuckle Barbie updates.

Packed house at the Liberty Tavern

Brass Knuckle Barbie packed them in Saturday night, unleashing a blistering set of new material that kept them dancing all night!

Fire Ball shots fanned the flames which only leads to one thing,  a HOT night with Brass Knuckle Barbie at the Lib!!!!

BKB drives snakes from OCI and saves St. Patrick’s Day

Pipes are not just for smoking. Brass Knuckle Barbie and piper Drew Taylor made quite the entrance at the OCI. As snakes poured out of the club, the patrons showed their appreciation by showering the Barbies with enough Guinness to float the Titanic.

Now that we survived St. Patrick’s Day, what do we do now………….. AFTER PARTY! See you at the Lib.

Brass Knuckle Barbie.

Groom-to-be puts on the Knuckles at KC’s Korner

Nobody’s going to put a ball & chain on Poppi. Brass Knuckle Barbie partied with the groom and family all night long. Talk about commitments. We committed to a bar tab that would make Betty Ford blush. Remember, what happens at KC’s Korner stays at KC’s Korner.

Congratulations to the bride and groom from Brass Knuckle Barbie!!!!!

UFO hovers over Blue Moon

Brass Knuckle Barbie, the hottest band in the galaxy, makes contact in Englewood. It was straight out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Ken was transported to the mother ship during the first set. He returned for the second set but he wasn’t the same. He seemed…………………normal.

Don’t miss the next close encounter with Brass Knuckle Barbie!!!

Size really does matter at the Blue Moon Mexican Cafe in Wycoff

 Home of the Big Shot and super sized fun. Brass Knuckle Barbie came dressed to kill and rocked the Moon. Any place that has bottles taller than their patrons gets a standing ovation in our book.


Court Tavern's Creatures of the Night

Brass Knuckle Barbie ripped up the Court Tavern in New Brunswick on January 4th!!

All those glowing eyes.......... it was like a scene from an Anne Rice novel.

Those creatures know how to party. Blood was spilled and great time was had by all !!

Brass Knuckle Barbie will return........


Merry Christmas to all !!

Merry Christmas to all of our great fans, friends and families !! 


Wishing you all a joyous holiday filled with great food, spirited drink and rockin' music !

From your favorite party band

Lina, Rave, Filthy Phil, Ken and Chef


BKB X-mas Spectacular at the Recovery Room

Ring in the Holiday with Brass Knuckle Barbie at the Recovery Room this Friday night Dec. 20!

Put down the eggnog and live a little. Rockettes, Mistletoe, stackable Christmas Elves, Santa and Brass Knuckle Barbie.

Naughty or nice, we will decide. It’s time to party with Brass Knuckle Barbie.


A Hot night South of the Border

The Tequila was flowing as Brass Knuckle Barbie rocked the Blue Moon Mexican Café. The debauchery began with a simple question posed by Ken, “do you remember when we used to drink?” within a flash a round of shots was fired at the band and the rest of what happened is left to legend. It was better than the flying Wallendas high wire act. Tina walked across bar stools, tables and across the bar without knocking over a single drink and made it to the back of the packed house. Amazing! Check out the picture of Rave, Filthy Phil and Tina.

Brass Knuckle Barbie will be back at the Blue Moon so get your visa’s ready and join the party.

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