BKB's Triumphant return to KC's Korner

Once again KC’s Korner put on the brass knuckles and partied the night away. Where else can you share a drink with an opera star, four girls with December 6th birthdays and follow it up with pity shots for Ken while the band plays the rip roaring anthem “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Don’t miss Brass Knuckle Barbie when they return to KC’s in March. You never know who you might meet……………………

Brass Knuckle Barbie is number one at the Liberty Tavern

Brass Knuckle Barbie and President / CEO / CFO, Dennis, of the Liberty Tavern show the world who’s number one at the Liberty Tavern. It seemed like every ghoul and gobblin came out to celebrate Halloween with Brass Knuckle Barbie. The dance floor was packed as BKB blasted through a blistering set of hit songs. Ken found by going to the bar and shouting trick or treat was a very effective way to find Tequila fill his glass. Who needs candy? A lesser band couldn’t survive Halloween night at the Liberty Tavern. That’s why Brass Knuckle Barbie is number one.

Brass Knuckle Barbie rocks Burke’s on Old Hook.

Lina and the boys tore the roof off Burke’s. The bar was hoping and the drinks were flowing. “It was like the wild west” said the last man standing. It’s no secret Burke’s is the place to be especially when Brass Knuckle Barbie comes to town. Don’t miss the BKB Christmas Spectacular in December. Way more fun than the Rockettes, just sayin……….

Johnny Law and Brass Knuckle Barbie join forces

Brass Knuckle Barbie rocked the Annual PBA Local 23 Family Picnic.

Pictured from left to right: Ken, Officer Mike Sutton (organizer), Chef, Lina, Filthy and Rave.

Not a single Barbie was arrested. A great time was had by all. Thank you, Local 23 see you next year.




Lina makes her BKB debut

What’s better than one Brass Knuckle? Two Brass Knuckles! Brass Knuckle Barbie now has a dynamic one two punch that will leave you wanting more.

             Introducing…. Lina!

Come catch Tina, Lina and the boys at a venue near you. Nobody throws a party like Brass Knuckle Barbie. 


Cutting A Rug At The Liberty Tavern

It was like a scene from Saturday Night Fever when Brass Knuckle Barbie tore into a dance set of Rihanna, Blondie, Lady Gaga and dare I mention Abba. Then the inner head banger came out when BKB ripped into Guns n Roses, Quiet Riot and Queens Bohemiam Rhapsody......remember Wayne's World? A great night was had by all.

Remember, what happens at a Brass Knuckle Barbie gig, stays at a Brass Knuckle Barbie gig.

Throwing A Party And Don't Know Who To Call?

Brass Knuckle Barbie wants to play your private party, wedding or corporate event.

Lavish your guests with an entertainment package that includes laser lights, crystal clear sound and a show that will blow you away.

Playing all your favorite songs from Abba to Guns n Roses and everything else in between.


Nobody throws a party like Brass Knuckle Barbie.



Bag pipes, Brass Knuckle Barbie & the OCI Bar crawl

The OCI annual bar crawl event featuring Bag pipers a piping and Brass Knuckle Barbie will go down in the history of Clubland as the event of the century. Sure there was drinking, dancing, drinking, singing and drinking. The new songs were well received as the BKB Facebook page blew up with over 200 likes. Spread the word, nobody throws a party like Brass Knuckle Barbie. See you at the Lib.


KC's Korner A Monumental Success!




Brass Knuckle Barbie debut at KC's Korner is a monumental success!

Brass Knuckle Barbie presents our winner Nicole with a Band Special Edition  "Get out of jail free" card for sharing the best "if I only had a get out jail free card, I may never had ........................................" story with the band.

You never know what's going to happen at a Brass Knuckle Barbie show.

Thank you Nicole, you ROCK!





Ripping It up at Gambino's

Brass Knuckle Barbie was at it again ripping it up at Gambino’s in New Brunswick. There’s nothing like a ride in the back of a cop car to cap off another eventful night. They even ran the siren in our honor. Don’t miss all the excitement and debauchery when Brass Knuckle Barbie comes to town. Remember what happens at a Brass Knuckle Barbie gig stays at a Brass Knuckle Barbie gig.

Bombshell's at Big Shots

See what you missed? The Brass Knuckle Barbie Rock n' Roll Circus rolled into "Big Shots" on Friday and rocked the house. All questions were answered (I mustache you a question) and good time was had by all. Special guest George Becker jammed with the band and DJ Rick kept them dancing all night long. Stay tuned for the next Brass Knuckle Barbie / Big Shots party.

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