"I just wanted to send everyone a huge thank you for this past Saturday! I heard nothing but great reviews and the shelter was sooo appreciative of everything!"

Kim Zastawny-Shelter Love Events


"If you want to treat your party guests to an exceptional time, Brass Knuckle Barbie is the band for you! They play songs from the 80's through today and the lead singer delivers such power behind her lyrics that you will find it next to impossible to remain in your seat."

"Your guests will be toe tapping, hip swinging, arm raising and singing along with such enthusiasm that in no time your guests will be dancing to songs by Adele, Pat Benetar, Kelly Clarkson, Blondie and many others!"

"My friends are still raving about the friendliness and authentic sound of the Brass Knuckle Barbie. A blast was had by all, ESPECIALLY the band members as they quickly transformed the crowd from conservative and calm to enthusiastic party dancers who, at times took over the microphone, keyboards and lead guitar!"

"The musicians are wireless and mingle with the guests as they perform. My guests never wanted the evening to end!"

Jeanine Valenti

What’s the biggest worry when you’re planning a party heading to a bar/club?  YUP, everyone having a good time.  What’s the key to eliminating that worry? YUP! MUSIC.

"Recently, we had a huge kickass party on the beach at the Jersey shore. Great people, great atmosphere, and AWESOME music provided by Brass Knuckle Barbie.  No joke everyone came up to me all night saying how “sick” this band was and where did I find them.  I should also add that these guests were not “BAND” friendly people.  Meaning, “hey, where is the DJ”.

Two songs into the first set and Brass Knuckle Barbie had 70 new fans.  Their perfect blend of excellent music and outrageous on stage personality kept the party slamming all night…

Many thanks to the boys & girl of Brass Knuckle Barbie for turning a cool event into an AWESOME TIME !
Joe & Karen
Long Beach Island

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